Texlive updating tlmgr 2016

But when I went to the site and saw what looked like a dual development, and the linux flavor based on a gt toolkit, I got impulse to mention wx Widgets, which in my opinion is a wonderful toolkit for multiplatform development.

texlive updating tlmgr 2016-20

Even= more confusing is the fact that when I poll the updater to show me all ins= talled packages, it "sees" both the out of date mandi in the TL distro and = the newer one in my local texmf tree. and you're complaining that they haven't been deleted by a texlive update? tlmgr hasn&...script for updating packages in frozen Te XLive Is there a script somewhere that will let me update packages on a frozen Te XLive distribution?

-- % Randy Yates % "Maybe one day I'll feel her cold embrace, %% Fuquay-Varina, NC % and kiss her interface, %%% 919-577-9882 % til then, I'll leave her alone." %%%% It is, Just the the command line utility and not the GUI, isn't it: "The Mi KTe X package manager GUI is currently only available for Windows. ;-) There's also a paper by Norbert Preining about the new infrastrucure, mentionning that it will allow individual package updates � la Mik Te X. Concerning Mik Te X package manager, as Denis says, it's a command line tool atm.

[...] The goal is to rewrite the GUI in Qt so that the package manager can be used in Unix system-alike environments (including Mac OS X)." --=20 Denis Could you tell us where to find more information about this feature? I can't find the url at the moment and I'm a bit in a hurry, perhaps later. I'm curious why you did not choose a multi-platform tool like wx Widgets? And I spoke about functional bugs, like complainig about a corrupted repository while it isn't corrupted, allowing installs but not updates, etc.

label=minxampl article /i...question about packages updates in Te XLive 2013I installed TL 2013 yesterday and the updater (tlmgr?

) isn't showing update= s available for at least two packages that I use daily (tcolorbox and mandi= ).

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