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Admittedly this audio diary is not as solid a piece of evidence as I may have wanted but I do think, given Ms.Basch’s history in the area and her first hand encounters on the very day of the event, that this account is very likely accurate.Before I get to the how and who of the clean-up I think it might be worthwhile to compare Sandy Hook to another fairly recent event, the Aurora theater shooting.Should you be wondering the banner accompanying this article has a photo of the scene outside the Aurora, Colorado movie theater where it is alleged James Holmes entered and started shooting.Two college roommates go out and party, resulting in bad grades.They learn of the clause that says, "If your roommate dies, you get an A," and decide to find someone who is on the verge, so to speak, to move in with them.

We have counsellors lined up to talk to him and his crew before…and after.

While true, at the time the clean-up would have been necessary no one could have (should have) known that the school would be demolished.

For all anyone knew that school would need to be put back into shape for the re-arrival of children at some point.

So, while the topic may be morbid I think it’s a conversation worth having.

Before I get too far into this I must give credit to Sofia Smallstorm for getting me pointed in the right direction for this examination.

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