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Traveling alone isn’t for everyone, and solo female travel in India is like jumping right into the deep end!I LOVE G Adventures if you’re looking for a quality group tour experience.I still take photos with men, but I will do a group photo. Only if it turns to stares whispering laughing you feel teased, should you say something.Just say straight up “One photo only, group photo.” I feel like a b*tch completely declining. Because although the world is telling you they want to tear your clothes off, sometimes they really are just curious!I could go on and on about the sad things I read in the news every day (I will say at least Indian papers don’t hide what’s happening here, though it could decrease tourism).Because of the differences in equality here, expect some men to cut you in line, demean you, yell at you, or even expect you to get up and give them your seat (shocking, I know! Catch me in a bad mood and they might get a “f*ck you,” which is truly just a waste of time.I smile and wave.1) a line will form (you get to feel like a celebrity, but it will get old trust me) or 2) they aren’t always taking these photos in an innocent way.Many of my male Indian friends have confirmed that these boys will show your photo to anyone who will look and tell the story of your lovely night together (ew) or they will use it for umm, more personal photo-shopped media (ewwww).

Unfortunately, that might be all your parents or family members read, and it might be the only thing that is portrayed in mainstream media. Perhaps politics are involved when they say, “don’t go here.” Check other government cautions such as the It seems much more positive.” That’s just silly but why risk it since everyone warns of it? I struggled writing this post because I hate for India to have a negative image, but these are the things I would tell a friend of mine if she were to travel here alone..” –blank stare at the computer screen-Do not clump all Indian men in the untrustworthy category. It’s important to see what’s happening in the news, but not to let it ruin your mindset. If all of these tips made you nervous, don’t let that get you down. In his hands he carried a glass of orange liquid, which upon closer inspection turned out to be orange juice.– Drink it fresh, you should be better – he handed me the juice and took a pleasant coolness from the back, touched.

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